WebReg.Me Privacy Information

You will typically see WebReg.Me embedded in other online registration services. If you are being offered the option to register using one of your social profiles via WebReg.Me, our promise to you...

Things we won't do

We will never post anything to any of your social networks without your explicit permission.

We will never access your social account beyond the purpose you have signed up for.

We will never send you any marketing messages.

Information we collect about you

Your name, public social profile address, and profile picture. If supplied, email, company name, connections and likes.

We collect this information to personalise the experience for you and to facilitate networking with the community.

Sharing your information with others

We will share your public social account url, name, profile picture and event connections with the organiser of the event or community you signed up for.

If you explicitly opt in to networking we will share your name, company name, public social account url, and profile picture with others who have also opted in to networking as part of that community.

Cookies and tracking

We only use cookies to provide the log in experience.

We log information on your browser version and clicks on the website for analytics and to personalise the experience for you.


You can revoke access to WebReg.me in the settings section of the social network you signed up with.

To remove all personally identifiable information we hold on you email us at hello@webreg.me.

Legal information and how to contact us

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 we (Level 29 Ltd., Suite 189, 43 Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HA) are a data processor and the event you are registering for is the data controller.

If you have any queries regarding Level 29 Ltd's use of personal data please write to us or email us at hello@webreg.me.